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Betty Manry, NCIDQ 9688 FL ID 194

An adventurous soul filled with curiosity, Betty engaged her passion for expressive art from the time she was a child, first drawing with a stick in the sand after a good rain in her home country of Singapore and later doodling in the margins of her textbooks while she was supposed to be paying attention in school.

A dreamer from a young age, Betty carried her love for art with her into her profession of Interior Design as an adult.

She had to learn the more rigid skills of drawing architecturally but was always delighted to hand sketch an idea or a piece of furniture that would be made manifest by the talented crafts people on her team of  professionals.


Whether a table, a custom glass overlay, a unique light fixture or customized fabrics and wallcoverings, she is always excited to take on the challenge of designing bespoke pieces for discerning clients who desire something unique.


An avid globe-trotter, Betty relishes soaking in the art, culture, traditions and food of the locals wherever she lands, always returning home inspired by her experiences.


She believes that the most important skill of an interior designer is the ability to understand the clients' visions and goals and then lending her expertise to guide them there successfully. Therefore she is involved in each project she personally undertakes from start to finish, and she makes herself available to all disciplines involved in the project to ensure open communications and ultimately a successful and satisfying end to the project.  To that end, Betty will only take on projects in which she can be personally engaged.

When not immersed in her design work, Betty enjoys sharing time and space with her family, friends and furry companions, indulging in Art, Music, Creative Cuisine, Gardens, and taking off on Exotic Adventures!


Betty continues to keep abreast of new developments in the industry with continuing education in lighting design, modern kitchen design, sustainable design and new materials for the built environment and she is especially proud to have worked with a client on Tall Oaks, a sustainable yet luxurious residential project, in Vero Beach, which was awarded the LEED Gold certification!


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